About the trainer


Kasey Joy has been raising and training Service Dogs since 2006, and in that time raised a total of 8 service dogs, start to finish. In 2015, she graduated with her Service Dog Training Certification from Bergin University of Canine Studies. In 2016, she earned her CPDT-KA through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She worked as Manager/Trainer at a board-and-train facility in Marin County before moving to Ventura in order to start her own business and bring a much needed service to the area.

Kasey uses modern, humane dog training methods based in established behavioral sciences. The similarities between dogs and humans are closer than many old-styled training methods may suggest, and by approaching a relationship through empathy, understanding and patience we are able to foster confidence, willingness and a stronger bond than ever before. Kasey encourages her clients to set goals higher than they might think necessary, as training extracurricular activities is one of the best ways you can give your dog a fulfilling and joyful life, all while spending quality time with your best friend.

Kasey's true passion lies in fostering beautiful relationships between a skilled dog and a disabled partner. Dogs have always been bred to work in cooperation with their people, and most are happiest when they have daily tasks and work that brings them side by side with their best friends. Service dogs were first introduced in 1975 by Dr. Bonita Bergin, who then went on to found the school Kasey graduated from, Bergin University of Canine Studies. BUCS focuses on creating skilled and knowledgeable trainers to sustain and elevate the good reputation of Service Dogs. While attending Bergin, Kasey learned training theory and techniques for all types of service dog tasks and skills, and has since successfully trained 6 fully trained service dogs. 

The methods involved in this training will give you a deeper understanding of your dog and will absolutely result in a stronger bond between human and canine partners. Whether your goals are to simply teach your pet dog good manners or to self-train a service dog to mitigate a disability, Kasey will have a plan for you.

Kasey is an experienced and compassionate dog trainer and a wonderful person. I highly recommend her!
— Betsey Jacobs
Kasey’s techniques and positive solutions for training are amazing. I always walk away learning something new about training and my dog. I have worked with Kasey for 8 months now. My dog Bonnie has received her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and also her Urban Canine Good Citizen (CGCU) with Kasey. Bonnie and I are now going through Service Dog Training with Kasey. Thank you Kasey for all of your training techniques and always helping us succeed.
— Susannah Foster
Kasey is the most kind hearted person I have ever met. She has so much patience with the dogs especially with mine. She is so helpful with my extremely fearful puppy. Highly recommend any case of dog.
— Cheyenne Haley
Kasey is the perfect mix of sweet and firm. My rambunctious puppy loved her but also listened and learned. He knew she meant business but also that, if he did what he was told, he’d get treats and love from her. Because of Kasey’s help and guidance (she had to train my husband and I too) our pup has never chewed on furniture, respects our cats, doesn’t go up the stairs or into the living room without permission, and was fully potty trained by 16 weeks. He’s now six months old and just a model dog.
— Jill Bengston
My husband has been working with Kasey for over a year now, With our dog Cali. We are self training with Kaseys expert direction. We are very pleased with the professionalism and level of training we are receiving, Our dog reflects this in her behavior, and abilities. We have recommend her to friends, and it was also a good experience. Anyone looking for this service , we would 100% recommend Joyful Paws.
— Penny Morehead
Leo and I had worked with 3 other trainers while we were doing our research and although all were kind and good at what they do, none compared to Kasey. Kasey is everything we needed. Like Leo, I need patience and understanding of my limits, Kasey exceeds my expectations. I appreciate her fun and happy approach to training.
— Barbara Malmin
Kasey has been awesome with my hyper Rottie Aussie? mix. He is a 100 lb bundle of uncontainable energy, and she has had the patience needed to work with me - a 62 y.o. senior, with a bad back, arthritis, and a couple other health ailments that my doctor wants me to have surgery for. She is teaching me new methods of training. I was used to the Koehler Method, but at my age, I am convinced that taking it slower, using positive reinforcement, works better. I highly recommend her, if you want to be part of your dogs training, and for the best results, YOU MUST! My Dog loves his training sessions and most of all, he loves Kasey too! Thanks Kasey!!
— Colleen T.
As a fellow trainer and Bergin U. graduate, I instantly recognized Kasey’s dedication, passion and most importantly knowledge of force free training methods and ethics. I recommend her highly!
— Brian Galindo, CPDT-KA