Private training


NOTICE: Unfortunately, we are temporarily unable to take on new pet dog clients. We will only be taking clients who wish to train their own Service Dog or volunteer their time as a Therapy Dog team. We recommend Robin Roy ( for all your pet dog training needs.

When the commotion and distraction of a group class is too much for the goals or needs of your dog, Kasey offers private, one-on-one training. There are two forms of private training available, depending on your needs.

Private Lessons: Offered to increase the skills of the human half of the relationship, these lessons focus on giving you enough personal attention that you will increase your own training skills and be able to accomplish more on your own time. This is ideal for behavior correction (such as an aggressive, fearful or simply vocal dog) or for supplemental Service Dog training (whether working on tasks, public access or basic obedience). Lessons are 60 minutes each and may take place at Kasey's indoor training space, in your home or at an appropriate public location. 
(Cost: $80 each hour, $400 for 6). 

Pick Me Up: Kasey will pick up your dog from your home and work with him/her for a minimum of 2 hours. Can be used to increase existing skills (off-leash, public access) or to get a start on training before the dog is able to be managed by his owner (such as in severe cases of aggression or the beginning of task training for diabetic alert or for a severe physical disability). This type of training can ONLY be offered in tandem with other training, as it will not be effective unless the dogs' daily caregiver is involved in training. 

(Cost: $80 each hour, $400 for 6). 


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